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Where value meets community in the heart of Indiana! For nearly three decades, we have been dedicated to providing unparalleled value to 9 million households annually through our trusted publications and targeted digital impressions. Our commitment to engaging consumers along their path to purchase has made us a staple in over 100 cities across the state, earning us the trust of thousands of clients.

About Us

Our Legacy of Value

At Great Deals Media, we take pride in the lasting impact we’ve had on communities throughout Indiana. For 29 years, our hyper-local approach has proven to be a vital go-to-market solution, establishing us as valued community partners. We understand the importance of connecting with consumers at a local level, and our publications serve as a bridge between businesses and the vibrant communities we serve.

Hyper-Local Expertise

Our hyper-local approach isn’t just a strategy; it’s our way of life. By focusing on the unique needs of each community, we’ve become an integral part of the fabric of Indiana. We believe in the power of community engagement and the impact it can have on brand messaging. Through our publications and targeted digital impressions, we’ve created a platform that allows businesses to communicate directly with consumers, fostering lasting relationships along the way.
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